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    Our next project is with collaborative partner Stuart Mitchell, a true master of his trade is proud to be making us our first range of chef’s knives. The story about the steel we are using is insanely good.

Stuart introduces his process

The steel im using for the prototypes is a very special one, the grade is SF100 and it is not only a superb knife grade steel, stainless with tremendous edge holding.


Steel with a story.

In 1913 the world was on the brink of war, battlefields were a different thing back then and the big steel producing nations charged their metallurgists with creating a weapons grade steel that would not rust, as rust and gun barrels are never a good mixture…

First to the rustless goal was Sheffield lad Harry Brearley, working in his laboratory at Firth and Brown Research, this later became Firth Brown Steels. 

He took his findings upstairs and what became apparent was that the grade of steel, although rustless (the name that pre dates stainless) was not suitable at all for gun barrels, with this in mind his bosses saw no commercial merit in the newly discovered material and decided not to progress in the grade, Harry was told to take it away and keep at it… 

Nah, thinks Harry, this is good gear and has to have a use, so with his own money he bought a quantity from Firth Browns and looked around for someone to experiment with actually making something from it, quick on the uptake was a fella named Ernest Stuart, he was the works manager at RF Mosley’s cutlery works also known as Portland Works, which was purpose built by Mosley as one of the first purpose built cutlery works in Sheffield, it is also the last one still standing that houses makers workspaces and it is this works where the Mitchell family business is based, Portland Works is the only place Stuart Mitchell has ever worked and has done so since 1980.

With all this in mind, in 2013 Stuart felt compelled to produce a limited edition run of 100 Harry Brearley Centenary knives, he approached them with a proposal and in August 2013, exactly 100 years to the month after Harry Brearley discovered stainless steel in Sheffield, they made him an exclusive batch of SF100 grade steel, this steel will be used to forge the Maverick Mitchell blade and we are honered to be working with him.


Taking shape, the beauty of hand beaten SF100 grade stainless steel.

The Maverick blade will be available to order as a limited (hand numbered) edition. We will post details on how to order shortly.